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The eHooray team formed in January of 2012. Our team consists of a group of veteran game developers in Taiwan with over 12 years of industry experience. Because of our passion to create the best quality games, we left our former big game companies and formed our own mobile game company: eHooray Co., Ltd. Currently, we are concentrated on making game apps that run on mobile devi...
Voted By Players, Monste... 2014-01-28
Voted By Players, Monster Night Defense is the Winner of Future Star Silver Award and Strategy Simulation Gold Award in Taipei Game Show 2014 Game Star Contest!!
Kami Wars, the latest mo... 2014-01-21
Kami Wars, the latest mobile online game (Android) from eHooray Corp. is scheduled to come out around mid 2014. Kami Wars is an award winning project (Digital Taip...
Kami Wars